• land cruiser prado

    land cruiser prado

  • <center>Car Buying<br>Made </br> Very Easy by thecarconsultancybd.Com </center>

    Car Buying
    Very Easy by thecarconsultancybd.Com

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    Any Make, Any Mileage, Any Model

    New or Recondition Car

To enjoy our website you may mentally refresh and relief....

  • No Stress
  • No Wasted Time
  • No Uncertainty
  • No Pressure
  • Accurate Mileage
  • Accurate Wheel Condition
  • No Meater Tempering
  • No Unexpected Extra Cost
  • Accurate Engine Check Up

Why you are looking?

First - Buy a car from japan
Second- Buy a car from our showroom
Third- Buy a best car from chittagong and mongla port or any importer
Fourth-  Checking and inquiring the car from local market and which is the best car for you.

...so that you will...

Never Dread Car Shopping Again

About CAR Consultancy

I've never enjoyed the process of buying a car. I hated the prospects of dealing with dealerships, especially as I was not sure of what car would really match my needs and desires.

So, I avoided it... until I heard about The Car Consultancy.

I let them know what I'd like about my next car and they suggested a few options. I didn't once have to deal with the dealerships; I just test drove the cars and they took care of everything!


What do people like best about using The Car Consultancy?


- Our consultants are quickly inquire the best car for you 

- We do all negotions  and examination in short time.

-We do all paper work BRTA and vehicle condition in quickly from you.


-   We find "hidden money" as which importer and sales person must reduce the price then you.


-   We know which showroom owner want to sales his car in low cost then you.


-  We know the actual auction price rate of Japan so we can bargaining for you in low cost.

No Pressure

- Our car consultancy helps you for bank loan and what financially institution loan interest is very low and right for you.

- We help to buy the car from Japan and help you for bank interest.

Why the car consultancy is different?


ur interest is best interest for our clients we work all steps with showroom importer wholesaler in respect to you for best car in low price.

All  time we deal with importer / wholesaler / showroom owner.  Because there importer for this reason we can negotiate for lower price then anyone can.

We wish for our client as which he feel pressure free he gather car buying experience save more money and time enjoy a best car from Japan auction.

Also we check up the engine condition suspension condition and accurate front and back wheel condition.


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